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Under 3D visualization model is meant accurate representation of developed products or parts in volume.

Thanks to 3D visualization, you can see at the design stage, will look like the finished project.

To date, the development of any object carried out with the obligatory viewing on 3D models.

3D visualization deservedly occupies an important position in the architecture, construction and industry.

3D visualisation, render


CNA - 1

Video clip № 029


Promotional video of the construction company "CNA-1" for cable TV. (Moscow)

Promotional video for the shopping center "Crystal".

(Novosibirsk city)

SAFE-TEC information clip (fragment)



Armalit - 1



"Armalit" screensaver for my video production company. (Saint-Petersburg)

Technology video on the process of assembly of modular buildings, huts. (Moscow)

Shooting of a facility.

Услуги по созданию 3D визуализации, 3D анимации.

Examples of filing options for planning solutions.





Effective visualization allows you to make the advertised object is recognizable. Increases confidence in developing a project creates

positive impression and perception of the necessary atmosphere designed building, cottage settlement, housing estate, interior, urban quarters, road junctions, conceptual projects and other architectural objects. Volumetric 3D modeling at the moment provides the necessary promotion of construction projects in real estate and investing.





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+7(960) 255 42 75



e-mail: 3d-pro@mail.ru



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